9 May 2011

Hamill questions Cambodian investigation

4:30 pm on 9 May 2011

A New Zealand man whose brother was killed by the Khmer Rouge is questioning the work of the Cambodian court charged with investigating the death.

Rob Hamill's brother Kerry was killed in a Phnom Penh prison in 1978 after his yacht strayed into Cambodian waters.

A United Nations-backed court last year convicted prison chief Comrade Duch. The trial of four other former Khmer Rouge members will begin this year.

Kerry Hamill says the investigation into five more individuals may be called off, however, and Cambodians have just 10 days to send an application calling for the case to go ahead.

He believes the investigation may have stalled due to political pressure.

The president of the Canterbury Cambodian Association, Rasy Sao, says he would be devastated if the case did not proceed.

Mr Sao, who saw his father killed by the Khmer Rouge, says he would like to see justice done.