13 May 2011

Pesticide not to blame for deaths - Thai governor

10:50 pm on 13 May 2011

The governor of Chiang Mai province in Thailand has briefed the New Zealand embassy on an investigation into the death of a New Zealand woman.

Sarah Carter, 23, was one of four tourists who died after staying at the Downtown Inn in Chiang Mai in February this year.

New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will not comment on what was discussed with governor Panadda Disakul.

However, it said New Zealand is encouraging the Thai authorities to continue to investigate the deaths robustly.

A scientist has said there were dangerous traces of the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos in the hotel room where Ms Carter had stayed which is used to eradicate bedbugs.

But The Bangkok Post reports that Mr Disakul has dismissed the suggestion that the pesticide is to blame for the deaths, saying there is not enough medical information to support this.

Mr Disakul said the investigation is continuing and the United States and Japan will send results of their findings into the cause of the deaths to Thailand.