13 May 2011

Woman 'feared for kids' after finding body in garage

7:29 pm on 13 May 2011

A mother-of-three who found a body in her New Plymouth garage says she was afraid the killers would return and hurt her or her children.

The Crown says Dean Browne was murdered by Mikhail Pandey-Johnson, Rhys Fournier and Karl Nuku as he slept in his Wellington flat in January last year.

It alleges Mr Pandey-Johnson and Mr Browne, 38, fell out over a $5000 drug debt and that the accused believed the victim had sexually mistreated a friend.

Prosecutors say Mr Browne was trussed and injected with morphine by another person, who is now a Crown witness and has name suppression. The body was then dumped in a garage in New Plymouth.

The accused admit they cleaned up the mess, but deny the charge of murder during the trial in the New Plymouth High Court.

The mother, Claire Davies, told the court on Friday that Mr Pandey-Johnson told her some associates would arrive at her house for a pit-stop with someone hog-tied in the boot of their car.

Just over a week later, she says Mr Pandey-Johnson and Mr Nuku arrived. She saw their car backed up to her garage before they left with plans to return in a couple of days.

Some hours later, she and her partner went to fix a child's bike and found a pile of blankets in the garage.

When her partner lifted the blankets, she saw a man's legs bound with tape, she told the court.