19 May 2011

Another jail sentence for career criminal

2:53 pm on 19 May 2011

Career criminal Arthur Taylor has been sentenced to an additional seven years' jail for conspiring to supply methamphethamine from prison.

The 54-year-old was the target of a police operation that involved tapping cellphones of inmates in 2007.

One of Taylor's fellow inmates Pulete, a King Cobra gang member, was also sentenced at the Auckland High Court on Thursday to six years and three months' imprisonment on the same charge.

Justice Wylie said Taylor negotiated the sale of more than three ounces of methampethamine worth $12,000 each using a cellphone smuggled into prison and Pulete's role was to supply the drug, also known as 'P'.

The judge says the offending warranted a strong deterrent and ordered Taylor serve a minimum term of three years and six months' jail.

Taylor is a maximum security prisoner. He was first convicted in 1972 and has convictions for dishonesty, fraud, drugs and violence.