19 May 2011

Witness says accused often fantasised about killing

3:58 pm on 19 May 2011

The Crown's only eyewitness to a fatal hammer attack says the alleged ringleader of his murder often fantasised about killing people.

The Crown says Dean Browne was murdered by Mikhail Pandey-Johnson, Rhys Fournier and Karl Nuku as he slept in his Wellington flat in January last year.

It alleges Mr Pandey-Johnson and Mr Browne, 38, fell out over a $5000 drug debt. His body was later dumped in a New Plymouth garage.

The witness, whose identity is suppressed, was a member of the Killer Clown Fiends, a small drug-dealing gang led Mr Pandey-Johnson and included the two other accused.

The Crown told the New Plymouth High Court that Mr Browne died of hammer blows to the head, not from a dose of morphine given by its only eyewitness following the attack.

The witness told police she injected the morphine while Mr Browne was still alive to ease his pain, but has not been charged.

She told the court on Thursday that Mr Pandey-Johnson used to fantasise about killing people he was angry with in specific and imaginative ways, including using blunt objects and also talked about disposing of bodies.