22 May 2011

Students being monitored online

2:25 pm on 22 May 2011

The online activity of students is being monitored by some secondary schools as they try to keep bullying and wagging in check.

Social networking sites and online video clips involving pupils, are regularly checked for any breach of school rules or potential criminal activity.

The Secondary School Principals Association says Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are frequently trawled after tip-offs from parents or other members of the community.

Association president Patrick Walsh says the schools are interested only in making sure that pupils are safe and that students are not doing anything improper or illegal.

He says many parents are often unaware of their children's use of technology, and are embarrassed when they find out what they're doing online.

The Council for Civil Liberties says that while there's nothing illegal about what schools are doing, it's important from a privacy perspective that students know they're being monitored.