30 May 2011

Royal jelly company fined for misleading customers

3:46 pm on 30 May 2011

A company has been fined $11,400 in the Auckland District Court for claiming imported Chinese royal jelly capsules were made in New Zealand.

Honey New Zealand admitted two breaches of the Fair Trading Act after it mixed Chinese jelly with New Zealand white beeswax and labelled the product as made in New Zealand.

Judge Sinclair said the label undercut genuine competitors and misled consumers into believing that the product contained superior New Zealand royal jelly.

New Zealand royal jelly is considered better than overseas products, because it contains higher levels of a beneficial fatty acid.

Last year, three companies were fined a total of $37,000 after they labelled imported royal jelly as New Zealand made.

The companies were: NZ Korea Health Ltd (fined $16,000),

New Zealand Natural Care Products (fined $15,000) and Royal Deer of New Zealand (Shim's International Ltd, fined $6000).