3 Jun 2011

Holiday speeding crackdown made permanent

9:44 pm on 3 June 2011

Police say they will be lowering their tolerance of speeding to 4km/h over the limit for all holiday periods.

The change was first made last Queen's Birthday weekend, following an Easter when 12 people were killed on the roads, and police say it has reduced the number of crashes during holiday weekends.

National manager of road policing Paula Rose says the strategy has made a real difference, and has the unexpected benefit of making drivers concentrate and focus on their speed.

During the Queen's Birthday weekend, police will also be targeting fatigue and alcohol.

Ms Rose says the road toll is at at an all-time low so far this year and police would like to keep it that way.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce says motorists should get the message that they need to focus on getting to their destination safely.