8 Jun 2011

Police not re-opening Norfolk Island case

6:04 am on 8 June 2011

Australian police have ruled out re-opening the case of a Nelson chef jailed for murdering an Australian woman in Norfolk Island unless new evidence comes to light.

Glenn McNeill is serving a 24 year jail term in New South Wales for the murder of Janelle Patton in 2002.

Doubts about his guilt have been raised in a television programme by documentary maker Bryan Bruce, who provided a copy of his findings to the Australian Federal Police.

In the programme, McNeill denies he killed Janelle Patton, saying two other men carried out the crime and forced him to dispose of the body, which he did while wearing gloves to prevent fingerprints.

Police say that, as a result of that information, they searched the garden of McNeill's former home on Norfolk Island on Friday but failed to find the gloves.

Until further evidence is obtained, they say, the case will not be re-opened.