8 Jun 2011

Search continues in 'difficult' terrain

12:02 pm on 8 June 2011

An experienced tramper says the terrain around the home of a missing Whanganui man could be difficult for searchers.

Brett Hall, 47, was reported missing on 31 May. He was was last seen on his property off River Road, north of Whanganui, two days earlier.

Searchers will continue to scour the area around Mr Hall's home, focussing on Wednesday on a nearby area of thick bush.

The former president of the Whanganui Tramping Club, Ridgeway Lythgoe, says the property has some difficult areas including a number of steep bluffs.

Mr Lythgoe says the area has also had a lot of recent rain which will make some of the slopes slippery.

Mr Hall had previously served prison time for drug offences, a Parole Board decision released on Wednesday said.

It said Mr Hall had served seven-and-a-half years for a variety of drugs charges and the possession of a pistol.

He was released on parole in 2009 after being described as a compliant and polite prisoner.