10 Jun 2011

Former RNZ presenter Erin Sinclair dies

5:29 am on 10 June 2011

Former Radio New Zealand National presenter, Erin Sinclair, has died at the age of 71.


The veteran broadcaster was an overnight presenter on Radio New Zealand National until the early 2000s.

He spent some years as head announcer at station 2ZW in Whanganui and was one of the reporters on the ground-breaking TV current affairs show Town And Around in the 1960s.

He also spent time in Samoa, where he worked for a number of years on the government station, Radio 2AP and as an announcer on Radio New Zealand International.

Mr Sinclair moved to Auckland after he retired from the All Night programme but continued to present ANZAC Day broadcasts on Radio New Zealand National from a number of regional centres, notably Tauranga, Nelson, Hawera and Waiheke Island.

Erin Sinclair is described as 'one of nature's gentlemen' by long-time documentary-maker Jack Perkins.

"He was born with a bow-tie in his voice from the era when to be invited into people's lounges through the wireless was a real privilege"

A former colleague, presenter Wayne Mowat, remembers Erin Sinclair as "a consummate broadcaster, with amazing energy" and recalls how he would arrive at Broadcasting House in Bowen Street for his overnight shifts after already spending the day working as a guide at the Wellington War Memorial.

"He was also a huge practical joker. His gumboots-for-turkeys gag on Town and Around is still seen when they roll out the old footage of the early days of local TV, " Wayne Mowat says.

Erin Sinclair had suffered from emphysema and passed away in Auckland on Wednesday.

His funeral is to be held in Auckland on Monday.