9 Jun 2011

Businessman accused of contempt over website

1:10 pm on 9 June 2011

A full two-judge bench of the High Court in Wellington is hearing a contempt allegation against an American businessman who lives in Auckland.

The Crown claims Vince Siemer published suppressed material online relating to the trial of those arrested during a 2007 series of police raids.

In December last year, Chief High Court Judge Justice Winkelmann ruled that the trial of those arrested in the police raids would be held before a judge alone, rather than a jury. The reasons for her judgement were suppressed.

Assistant Crown Counsel at the Crown Law office Bridget Fenton told the court on Thursday that she had visited websites run by Mr Siemer and found on them a link to Justice Winkelmann's judgement along with other matters relating to it.

The Crown says Vince Siemer has committed a contempt of court by continuing to leave that material on his website.

Mr Siemer's lawyer told the Court there is no case to answer.