11 Jun 2011

Relative of murdered woman backs bail change

7:45 am on 11 June 2011

A relative of murdered Christchurch woman Vanessa Pickering is backing government moves to make it harder for those facing serious charges to get bail.

Ms Pickering was stabbed to death in February last year by Malcolm Chaston, who was on bail on a charge of assault at the time.

The Government says people facing serious charges, like murder, should have to prove their case for bail by showing they do not pose a risk to society.

In a submission to the bail review, Ms Pickering's relative Robyn Hanson supports that.

She says the current system is risky and illogical, and Chaston, who had a history of breaking his bail, should not have had it granted.

Ms Hanson says a law change is needed and she's optimistic it will happen.

"I'm definitely hopeful," she says, "because I think people realise now that the current law is just not logical and everything is geared towards the offender, not the victim."