18 Jun 2011

Shop owner would risk life again confronting robbers

12:45 pm on 18 June 2011

An East Auckland dairy owner who used a hockey stick to fend off armed robbers says he would react the same way again to protect his customers.

Jayesh Amin says just he and a woman customer were in Farm Cove Superette when a group of men barged in on Wednesday night and held a gun to the woman's head.

Mr Amin says he tried to negotiate with them before grabbing a hockey stick to scare them off.

He says he didn't think about his own life but about the woman, who was the mother of two children.

Mr Amin says he can't always rely on police to protect him and his customers, and he wouldn't hesitate to do the same thing again.

He says he is still very shaken by the incident but it will not stop him returning to work.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Glossop says he can't make any comment about Mr Amin's actions until the investigation is complete but generally speaking the police are against shop owners taking risks in dangerous situations.

Mr Glossop says four men have been jointly charged with aggravated robbery and more charges may follow.