18 Jun 2011

Retailer welcomes tightening of rules on Kronic

10:15 am on 18 June 2011

The owner of a retail chain that sells legal highs is welcoming new regulation of the cannabis substitute Kronic.

It's already illegal to sell Kronic to anyone under 18, and now the Government is moving to further restrict its sale and marketing.

That means it will not be able to be sold alongside alcohol. Advertising outside premises where it can be sold legally will also be banned.

The owner of the R18 store chain Cosmic Corner, Mark Carswell, says regulations will give the industry clear guidelines for the sale of Kronic and, most important, consumers will know what they are taking.

Mr Carswell says the industry is also keen to have the onus of proof of safety changed so that shops can prove to the public that a product is safe and the Government can stay out of it.