23 Jun 2011

Housing NZ employee tells tribunal of gang threat

1:03 pm on 23 June 2011

A Housing New Zealand employee has told a Human Rights Tribunal hearing that she was forced to leave her home after threats that the Mongrel Mob were after her.

Housing New Zealand has been trying since March 2009 to evict three women with gang connections from state homes in Farmer Crescent in the Lower Hutt suburb of Pomare after gang activity flared up there.

The women have since been through four court hearings and on Monday took their case to the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

On Thursday the tribunal heard from Housing New Zealand employee Christine Fernie, who says her name and address was mistakenly attached to the eviction notice.

Ms Fernie says she had to leave her home when told that members of the Mongrel Mob were after her.

Ms Fernie told the tribuynal the three women were living with men behind an escalating tide of intimidation and violence towards Housing New Zealand staff and other residents.

She says the situation was so bad Housing New Zealand was forced to relocate several people who were being intimidated and it was having difficulty convincing new tenants to settle in the area.

Ms Fernie says decision to evict the women was the right one.