23 Jun 2011

Capill's parole on hold til post-prison address found

8:31 pm on 23 June 2011

Convicted paedophile Graham Capill's early parole hearing has come to nothing, because he does not have an approved address to be released to.

In 2005, the former leader of the Christian Heritage Party was given a nine-year jail term for sexually abusing three young girls.

Having completed the Kia Marama child sex offenders programme, Capill was granted an early parole hearing.

That took place last week, but a nine-sentence decision issued on Thursday by the Parole Board has ended Capill's bid for freedom for now.

The board says he has no approved address to leave prison for and alternatives put before the board have not been deemed suitable.

But it's understood a member of Capill's family may now have found him a possible address.

The Parole Board has adjourned the case until August.