26 Jun 2011

Cab firms urged to join RWC orange sticker scheme

4:02 pm on 26 June 2011

Taxi companies are being told they should get special accreditation for the Rugby World Cup, to show their safety is up to scratch.

The Transport Agency is urging cab firms to have cars inspected ahead of the tournament and receive a bright orange sticker.

The Transport Agency is urging taxi companies to get accreditation ahead of the event, which will be issued after safety checks are carried out.

It says cars will then have a bright orange sticker that will signal they are fit to drive, and will mean police and transport authorities will be less likely to stop them for routine checks during the tournament.

The agency's Auckland access and use manager, Andy Thackwray, says taxis often provide one of the first experiences of the city for tourists, and it's important they are well run and clean.

The Taxi Federation says the scheme will help reassure tourists that they are travelling in a safe cab.

President Tim Reddish says there will be publicity advising people to use appropriately stickered taxis, so he thinks most companies will want to be part of the scheme.