28 Jun 2011

Fire sparks warning to check online product standards

1:55 pm on 28 June 2011

The Fire Service is warning people to check standards when buying products over the internet after a mother and baby escaped a fire in Te Puke.


The fire last week was caused by a paper-thin wall heater in the baby's bedroom.

The head of the Fire Service's research and investigation unit, Peter Wilding, says the heater set the wall and nearby furniture on fire.

The mother rescued the baby and both were treated for smoke inhalation.

Mr Wilding says fire crews are seeing more products coming from overseas that do not meet the quality and standards expected in New Zealand.

"That's something that's here to stay, because anybody can ship anything from anywhere in the world.

"It's a matter of the buyers catching up with the risks that are involved here and just being smart shoppers."


The heater is brightly-coloured and attractive for a young child's room - which is of significant concern, he says.