30 Jun 2011

More Bollywood movies to be filmed in NZ

7:32 am on 30 June 2011

India and New Zealand have signed an agreement to encourage more Bollywood film productions to come to New Zealand.

The signing took place during the Prime Minister John Key's visit to India.

Under the agreement, approved productions will be given the benefits accorded to local film-makers, including access to funding and help with temporary immigration and importing equipment.

Mr Key says India has a thriving film industry, producing about three times the number of films as the United States.

He says the agreement will not only be good for the local film industry, but will also expose New Zealand as a tourism destination.

Mr Key also announced $1 million will be put towards a programme aimed at increasing educational and research co-operation.

And he says the countries will also work together to combat piracy in international shipping lanes.

Mr Key says Somali pirates have become more active, and it is in New Zealand's interests to boost maritime security.