29 Jun 2011

Cannabis campaigner jailed for eight months

6:20 pm on 29 June 2011

A campaigner for the legalisation of cannabis has been sentenced to eight months' jail on drug-related charges.

Ken Morgan, who's known as Dakta Green, was arrested last year after the police searched a West Auckland factory used as a cannabis smoking club.

They seized a promotional DVD for the club, called The Daktory, which showed Green selling marajuana in the premises.

A jury at the Auckland District Court convicted Morgan for selling cannabis, posession of cannabis for supply and permitting premises to be used for smoking cannabis.

Judge Phil Gittos on Wednesday acknowledged it was not a typical drug case, as Morgan has always been open about his involvement in the drug world.

He also said that the police appear to have known about the club, but did not act until a newspaper article about the venue.

The police say they will not comment on things said in court.

Morgan is in custody, but has said he will appeal the sentence.

His supporters say they will continue to campaign for a law change, and will picket at every court appearance until Morgan is released from jail.

However, the Crown has signalled it plans to appeal against the sentence.

It had asked for a four-year imprisonment starting point, despite a probation report suggesting community work and is intending to appeal against the sentence on the grounds that it was manifestly inadequate.