29 Jun 2011

Govt makes it tougher to get on waiting list for state house

9:07 pm on 29 June 2011

The Housing Minister, Phil Heatley has confirmed tighter rules for people seeking a place on waiting lists for state houses.

Under the changes, which come into force on 1 July, only the most urgent priority A and B cases will be eligible for state house waiting lists.

Those rated a C or D will not qualify, although those already on the list will be allowed to stay there.

Also from 1 July, all new tenancies will be reviewable once every three years, with tenants moved out of state housing if their circumstances improve signficantly.

Mr Heatley says elderly tenants and those with disabilities will undergo an office review only and are unlikely to be moved on.

In another change, tenants issued with 90-day notices for destructive or abusive behaviour will face a year-long ban from re-applying for a state house tenancy.