30 Jun 2011

Trial for accused in animal neglect charges

11:11 pm on 30 June 2011

Five parties facing more than 700 animal neglect charges in relation to a farm south west of Taupo have elected to go to trial.

Sixteen North Island dairy farms owned by the Crafar family were put into receivership in October 2009, with debts of nearly $200 million.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry later laid charges under the Animal Welfare Act, alleging the owners or those in charge of cows on a farm near Taupo didn't meet the animals' needs.

None of those charged are members of the Crafar family.

Lawyers representing a South Island dairy farming operation, the company's manager, two of its directors, and a Taupo man named as being in charge of the dairy cows told a court on Thursday the charges would be defended.