1 Jul 2011

MP hopes for better protection of all things Maori

8:39 am on 1 July 2011

The MP for Te Tai Tonga hopes the release of a long-awaited Waitangi Tribunal report will bring an end to companies using Maori art and knowledge inappropriately.

The indigenous flora and fauna and cultural intellectual property claim, known as WAI 262, was lodged by six Maori tribes in 1991.

A report by the tribunal is to be handed to claimants on Saturday.

MP Rahui Katene, whose father was one of the original claimants, says Maori cultural property, such as the haka and koru design, is being used inappropriately overseas and others are profiting from that.

Ms Katene's iwi wants Maori to have control over all things Maori.

The Government says its views on the claim will be released within a couple of months.