2 Jul 2011

Proposal to allow employees to check colleague's pay

1:39 pm on 2 July 2011

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner is proposing that employees be able to check their colleague's pay rates in order to close the gender pay gap.

Dr Judy McGregor would like to see new laws requiring employers to share workers pay details in cases where colleagues wanted to check their rate of pay against their workmates.

She says her proposal has already been drafted as a Bill, waiting to be taken through Parliament by a willing political party or MP.

Dr McGregor says the change would help close a gender pay gap in which, on average, women get paid 12% less than their male colleagues but she says there would be nothing to stop men checking their pay against the female colleagues.

She says it also contains provisions that would allow employees who feel they are unfairly paid to seek advice from a labour inspector.