3 Jul 2011

Herbal drug makers can't be trusted - Dunne

12:45 pm on 3 July 2011

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has launched an attack on the herbal drugs market, saying the manufacturers involved cannot be trusted.

The Ministry of Health has banned a second synthetic cannabis product, Juicy Puff Super Strength, two days after taking action against another, Kronic Pineaple Express.

Both have been recalled because they contain a powerful drug used for treating conditions like epilepsy.

The supplier of the drug, a firm called Cosmic Corner, says it did not intend the product to contain that drug and didn't know that it did.

Mr Dunne says this shows people in this industry are generally not trustworthy or reliable.

But Chris Fowlie, from the Hemp Store, an Auckland herbal shop, says products he stocks have a list of ingredients on the packet, and he doesn't like the tone of Mr Dunne's comments.

Mr Fowlie says there are people in the industry who are trying to do the right thing.

Mr Dunne says new legislation will permit further controls and he hopes to ultimately put the burden of proof on suppliers to show their products are safe.