3 Jul 2011

US report notes NZ under-age prostitution

3:08 pm on 3 July 2011

A United States State Department report on human trafficking says there is evidence of under-age women being forced into prostitution in New Zealand.

The report also refers to stories of foreigners being forced to work in other New Zealand industries like agriculture and fishing.

The Trafficking in Persons Report draws heavily from stories in the New Zealand media such as an article about Asian women being forced into prostitution for up to 18 hours a day.

It refers to reports of Asian and Pacific Islander migrants working in sectors like agriculture and nursing who are charged excessive recruitment fees and have had their passports confiscated.

Also noted are stories of Asian fishermen who are allegedly victims of forced labour in New Zealand waters.

The report recommends that New Zealand study human trafficking occurring here and lift efforts to prosecute the perpetrators.