4 Jul 2011

Lawyer says use of Maori culture should go through iwi

3:34 pm on 4 July 2011

A Maori lawyer who drafted an initial Treaty of Waitangi claim over 20 years ago wants iwi to make decisions about how the culture is used.

A report from the Waitangi Tribunal aims to help set up a new framework for relations between Maori and the Crown.

The long-awaited report, produced in response to a cultural intellectual property claim known for short as Wai 262, aims to help develop relations between Maori and the Crown after Treaty grievances are resolved.

It proposes a raft of changes across all branches of government.

One recommendation is that a system be set up where Maori can complain about the inappropriate use of traditions such as the haka or the moko.

Lawyer Moana Jackson told Nine to Noon iwi should make the decision about how the culture is being used - not the Government.

Mr Jackson says a decision should be made on a case-by-case basis.

A fellow of the Designers Institute of New Zealand, Michael Smythe, told Nine to Noon that an organisation similar to the Maori Language Commission could be set up to deal with Maori culture being used abroad.