5 Jul 2011

Tiki Tane's court case delayed due to Rugby World Cup

12:19 pm on 5 July 2011

A court case for entertainer Tiki Taane on charges of disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence has been delayed because of the Rugby World Cup.

Police arrested him after he allegedly sang an anti-police rap song while they were inspecting the premises of a Tauranga nightclub in April.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The musician appeared briefly in the Tauranga District Court on Tuesday morning.

His lawyer says the police officers involved were not going to be available to appear in court during the Rugby World Cup and another hearing couldn't be scheduled before then.

Tiki Taane says he was hoping the case would be dismissed.

"I wanted to be able to shake hands and say no hard feelings, and go down the pub and have a jug.

"That's the way I'd like to do it, but obviously we can't do that, so we're just gearing up for the next phase," he said.

A court date has been set for 26 August to determine when the next hearing will be.