6 Jul 2011

50,000 names removed from electoral rolls

10:22 pm on 6 July 2011

Almost 50,000 names have been taken off the New Zealand electoral roll.

The Electoral Enrolment Centre mailed enrolment update packs to everyone on the electoral roll at the end of May and 49,966 came marked 'gone - no address'.

National manager Murray Wicks that if people have moved house or not updated enrolment details, they have now been removed from the roll.

Wellington Central had the most voters removed from the roll, while Taranaki-King Country had the least.

Voters in electorates in Christchurch have not been removed from the roll because the earthquakes have caused a change in so many people's circumstances.

Mr Wicks says people there will not be removed from the roll until all avenues to contact them have been exhausted.