7 Jul 2011

Report shows risk of rock fall has not increased

7:07 pm on 7 July 2011

A report for the Auckland Council on a North Shore cliff where a woman was killed says the likelihood of a rock fall has always existed, but it does not consider the risk has increased.

Murray Bay resident Inna Viktorovna Rudyy, 44, was killed while walking her two dogs under the cliffs at Rothsay Bay on Saturday about 1pm.

The geotechnical report by Tonkin & Taylor was issued on Thursday. It says the tragic accident is, to its knowledge, the first-known fatality of its type in Auckland.

The report says the rockfall is part of the natural cliff line erosion affecting most of Auckland's eastern coastline.

It says there is no evidence to suggest stormwater drainage or the removal of trees are to blame and recommends extra signs warning of the risk of rock falls.

Auckland Council says it has already added new international standard signs to existing signs, and more will be installed in the near future.

Restricting public access to the area below the cliff would be very difficult to control and is likely to be ineffective, the council says.