22 Jul 2011

Dunedin confident 'Quake Escape' students will be good

8:30 pm on 22 July 2011

Dunedin Acting Mayor Syd Brown is confident the arrival of large numbers of Christchurch University students in the city will not lead to riots.

Canterbury University Engineering Society is planning a "Quake Escape'' for 19 - 21 August.

The society also organised the "Undie 500" events which led to fires, arrests and the use of riot police in past years.

Police have requested that the central district's permanent liquor ban be extended to the city's north during the event.

But Mr Brown says council staff are satisfied the weekend is intended as a reward for students who have proven themselves in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

He says up to 600 students are expected to travel on alcohol-free buses to Dunedin.

Police and council representatives met with the organisers on Friday afternoon.