25 Jul 2011

Australian navy rescues Sealord boat

10:49 pm on 25 July 2011

A fishing boat, part-owned by a New Zealand company, has been rescued by the Australian navy in the Southern Ocean.

The FV Janas, which is part owned by Sealord, radioed for help while several hours south east of Macquarie Island.

The Australian Navy says it received a distress call from the 45m long-liner on Monday morning.

It said it was adrift because its main engine had blown a turbo and was broken down.

The navy ship, which had been at Macquarie Island because of the Australian Antarctic programme, is towing the Janas to the sheltered part of the island so the crew can work on fixing the engine.

Sealord says the ship's captain was worried about an approaching storm and asked to be towed as a precautionary measure.

It says all 21 people aboard are safe.