27 Jul 2011

Primary school wants liquor store shut

8:58 am on 27 July 2011

A Porirua primary school wants a liquor store 50 metres from its gates closed down.

The liquor licence for Fantame Liquor Store is up for renewal, and Russell Primary School has objected, citing safety concerns for its children.

Principal Sose Annandale says the school is often littered with broken glass and debris thrown by shop patrons and half-empty bottles of liquor have been found on school grounds.

The store's owner, Chiman Patel, says he will fight to keep his business.

Mr Patel says he doesn't feel the actions of his customers after they leave the store are his concern, and does not believe he is responsible for how people dispose of their drink containers.

Porirua City mayor Nick Leggett says he's not opposed to the liquor store continuing to operate.

Mr Leggett says he's happy the community has been able to have its say, but Mr Patel has the right to run a legitimate business.

He says the Liquor Licensing Authority will now decide on the store's licence.