9 Aug 2011

10,000 more overseas rugby fans expected

8:11 pm on 9 August 2011

Organisers of the Rugby World Cup say an extra 10,000 international fans are now expected to visit New Zealand, bringing the total close to 100,000.

Previous estimates put the expected number of international visitors at 85,000, but analysis of the latest sales data now suggests 95,000 fans will make the trip.

Some 30,000 will come from Australia, with another 25,000 from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and 10,000 from France.

Rugby New Zealand 2011 chief executive Martin Snedden says ticket sales are increasing each week, with $1 million worth of seats sold since the Beldisloe Cup match between New Zealand and Australia on Saturday alone.

Overall ticket revenue has reached $234 million, which is 87% of the tournament target, from just over 1 million ticket sales to date.

Mr Snedden says with 10 weeks left to sell tickets, it is now clear that the overall target is very achievable, and preparations for the

tournament are well on track.

The Rugby World Cup begins in Auckland on 9 September.