10 Aug 2011

$1m for electronic waste scheme

7:10 pm on 10 August 2011

The Government says it is looking at ways to include manufacturers in the recycling of electronic waste and $1 million will be provided for a new recycling scheme.

An estimated 2 million old television sets and 1.5 million old computers will be disposed of in the next few years. Some TVs are made with more than 20 types of plastic, making them hard to recycle.

The e-Cycle scheme currently has 17 collection points and three recycling facilities and hopes to prevent 80,000 tonnes of electronic waste from entering the landfill each year.

But Environment Minister Nick Smith says the Government will explore a compulsory product stewardship scheme in partnership with Australia.

This would would see manufacturers take some responsibility for the disposal of their products.

Dr Smith says a nationwide campaign will begin shortly to promote the e-Cycle service.

The Government has also launched a national network of electronic waste depots which are an extension of the electronic waste awareness day, e-day.