12 Aug 2011

Tolled harbour bridge cycleway and footpath proposed

9:00 am on 12 August 2011

Auckland Council says it will support a pedestrian and cycling add-on for the Harbour Bridge only if it can be convinced the project will be fully self-funded.

The Pathway Working Group says it has reached an agreement with the Transport Authority on an engineering solution for a walk and cycle path.

The proposed $23 million route would be attached to the city side clip-on of the bridge which will sit just underneath the level of traffic.

Pathway Working Group spokesperson Bevan Woodward says the pathway would be funded entirely by a toll. The proposal would see transport smartcard users pay a $2 toll, or a $5 charge for cash, credit card or text users.

Auckland Council says mayor Len Brown is very supportive of pedestrian and cycling links across the Harbour Bridge, but the proposal must be completely self-funded.

The Transport Authority is saying only that it will act on the decisions of the council's transport committee, which is considering a report on pedestrian and cycling options on Monday.

Aucklanders will be asked for feedback on the design from 21 August.