12 Aug 2011

Cable car revival gaining momentum

11:11 am on 12 August 2011

A group promoting the reintroduction of cable cars to Dunedin says the project is gaining widespread support.

The Dunedin Cable Car Trust is distributing 2,000 questionnaires in the hill suburbs of Mornington and Belleknowes promoting the rebuilding of the High Street cable line in the next three years.

Trust chair Phil Cole says that, with the rising oil price and growing awareness of climate change, electric-powered cable cars are the ideal form of transport.

Mr Cole says the trust has 400 members and is growing by the day.

The chief executive of Tourism Dunedin, Hamish Saxton, says the city's tourists would be attracted to the idea only if it was an authentic, commuter service like that in San Francisco.

Mr Cole says the trust's plan envisages 90% percent of the trips being by Dunedin residents.