14 Aug 2011

NZ navy captain heads second anti-piracy operation

8:25 am on 14 August 2011

A Royal New Zealand Navy captain has led another operation against pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

Six armed men boarded a Maltese-flagged, Greek-owned bulk carrier in the Southern Red Sea on Saturday, after firing two shots.

The 24 Filipino crew took shelter in a secure room on the 63,000 ton ship and raised the alarm.

Captain Jim Gilmour sent British warship HMS Monmouth to intercept the vessel and a helicopter was launched to assess the situation.

A team of Royal Marine Commandos boarded and found the attackers had fled. The crew was then freed, unharmed.

At the end of June, Captain Gilmour took charge of an anti-piracy mission being conducted by the United States-led Combined Maritime Forces.