20 Aug 2011

Residents march against liquor store in Christchurch

6:13 pm on 20 August 2011

A group of 200 Christchurch residents from Ilam and Riccarton, along with politicians, have marched in protest against a new liquor store in planned for the area.

Organisors of the protest say there are already 10 liquor stores in the area, which also has children's play areas, a primary school and four preschools.

Jane Tyler-Gordon is one of the organisors. She says it is hypocritical of the city council to allow the new store to be built while also extending a liqour ban in the neighbourhood.

"We think that having a liquor store so close to schools and preschools increases the insidious normalisation of our open drinking culture."

Residents' associations want new legislation giving them more control over whether such stores are built in their communities.