25 Aug 2011

Law against speeding past school buses hard to enforce

9:07 am on 25 August 2011

Police say the law against exceeding the speed limit past school buses is proving hard to enforce.

179 tickets have been issued in the past five years for exceeding the limit of 20km per hour when passing a school bus picking up or dropping off children.

On average, one child dies each year crossing to or from a school bus.

Te Anau Constable Dwight Grieve, who launched a campaign in Southland to raise awareness of the problem, says it's fortunate more children haven't been killed.

He says pinpointing offending is difficult as the police have to prove a bus was loading or unloading children at the exact moment an offending vehicle passes.

Southern region acting road policing manager Stephen Larking says another issue is that awareness of the law is low.