31 Aug 2011

Dismay over second death

7:45 am on 31 August 2011

A woman whose son died of meningococcal septicaemia 11 years ago is dismayed by a second death connected with the White Cross medical clinic in Whangarei.

Michaela Hayes says the death of Ben Brown, 18, from meningitis has stirred up memories of her own family's loss.

Ben died on Saturday at Whangarei hospital after he was sent home from the clinic earlier in the week.

Michaela and Greg Hayes' four-year-old son Ned died in April 2000 at Starship Hospital after earlier treatment at the same private clinic.

Mrs Hayes says Ned was sent home despite being in a serious condition and doctors brushed away her concerns.

The White Cross Medical Centre said in a statement it is reviewing Ben Brown's case.