1 Sep 2011

Genesis to help save blue duck

5:43 am on 1 September 2011

Genesis Energy has pledged $2.5 million to help secure the future of the endangered blue duck.

The duck, also known as the whio, features on the $10 note. It is rarer than the kiwi, with fewer than 3000 remaining.

Genesis and the Department of Conservation on Wednesday signed an agreement in which the generator promises to contribute $500,000 to the cause for the next five years.

Genesis employees will also take a more hands-on approach and work alongside DoC to implement a national breeding programme.

Chief executive Albert Brantley says the company has been working with the blue duck for the past eight years as part of a mitigation measure for the Tongariro power scheme.

DoC says lack of funding has been holding back conservation of the whio until now.

Director-general Al Morrison says the national recovery plan will double the number of fully operational breeding sites in New Zealand and boost pest control efforts.