1 Sep 2011

$1 gun campaign under fire

9:54 pm on 1 September 2011

The Peace Foundation says a gun shop advertisement enticing people to find a $1 mystery firearm in two of its stores is reinforcing a culture of violence among men.

Gun City, New Zealand's largest gun dealer, has come under fire for discounting the guns at its Auckland and Christchurch stores as part of a promotion at the weekend.

The campaign says the buyer must first find the mystery gun before someone with a firearms licence can purchase it at the hugely discounted price.

The promotional Gun City video shows a customer going through the door looking for the $1 gun as a gift for Father's Day.

It says the person would have to fend off others, kick them in the groin and spit in their eyes to be first to find it, and then shows the winner clutching the gun in his arms and kissing it.

A spokesperson for the Peace Foundation, Alyn Ware, says the campaign sends a disturbing Father's Day message that violence is okay.

Mr Ware says the foundation will consider making a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Anti-gun lobbyist Mike Meyrick says the advert sends the wrong message of owning firearms just for the sake of it. The former police officer believes it is irresponsible and should be pulled.

The Advertising Standards Authority has not received any complaints, but says it is possible the advert could be deemed irresponsible if it does not specify the legalities for buying a firearm.

Gun City owner David Tipple says the ad complies with the Arms Act.