3 Sep 2011

Bridgecorp trial delayed

3:16 pm on 3 September 2011

A Bridgecorp director accused of defrauding investors has been granted legal aid and the trial is delayed.

Executive directors Rod Petricevic, Rob Roest and three other Bridgecorp executives were due to stand trial in Auckland on Monday for allegedly defrauding investors of about $450 million when the company collapsed in 2007.

The charges relate to statements made in the prospectus and other company documents.

At a hearing on Friday, the court was told that Mr Roest had a legal aid application approved on Thursday night.

The trial is now delayed because the lawyer needs about eight weeks to prepare, and the lawyer of another of the accused is in hospital.

Another hearing is scheduled next Wednesday to determine when the trial will go ahead or whether Mr Roest will be tried separately.

Justice Venning rejected an application from Mr Petricevic for an adjournment, but said because of the other men's circumstances he was fortunate to be receiving a delay.

The delay means Mr Petricevic has more time to apply for taxpayer-funded legal representation. He is the only accused without a lawyer and is appealing two decisions by Legal Services to not grant legal aid.