4 Sep 2011

Maori Women's Welfare League stands united

3:19 pm on 4 September 2011

Maori Women's Welfare League stands united.

The Maori Women's Welfare League says it will still work closely with the failed presidential candidate and Destiny Church co-founder, Hannah Tamaki, despite months of controversy.

Kataraina O'Brien was elected to the role on Saturday following a contest that had been marred by litigation over the Destiny Church's attempts to win the top seat.

League officials removed Mrs Tamaki's name from the ballot after claiming she had established 10 new Destiny branches to gain votes. The High Court subsequently ruled that her name should be put on the ballot again.

The league's general manager, Jacqui Te Kani, says Kataraina O'Brien was the best choice for president, but Hannah Tamaki is still a member of the league, and they will still work together.

"The league is not just focussed on any individual, the conversations that surrounded Hannah, they will die away" she said.