6 Sep 2011

Airline pilots want Erebus report recognised

8:24 am on 6 September 2011

The Airline Pilots' Association wants the Government to include in official records Justice Mahon's report, which says crew members were not to blame for the Mount Erebus.

An earlier report, by the former Chief Inspector of Air Accidents Ron Chippendale, stands as the official record.

Airline Pilots' Association president Glen Kenny says people still believe there was pilot error, as stated in the Chippendale report.

But he says Justice Mahon's Royal Commission report later revealed the crew had done nothing wrong, nor had they committed any act which caused imprudence or lack of care during the flight, and that report should be included to give a complete picture.

All 237 passengers and 20 crew members died when Air New Zealand flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus in 1979.