8 Sep 2011

Group says suicide a major election issue

10:34 pm on 8 September 2011

A group of people who have lost loved-ones to suicide says it is a major election issue.

Community Action on Suicide Prevention and Research (Casper) say on its website poll, 90% of 65,000 people say they would consider a party's policy on the issue before voting.

The group's organiser, Maria Bradshaw, says a complete re-think on how to prevent suicides is urgently needed.

Ms Bradshaw is meeting with Prime Minister John Key for the first time next week to talk about the issue. She says she will be asking for a Royal Commission into suicide and a review of the Coroners Court.

Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne, whose portfolio includes suicide prevention, says the Government is taking an action, with a broad review on the approach to suicide planned for next year.

The group marched on Parliament on Thursday.