12 Sep 2011

Quake, then tornado for Auckland couple

3:36 pm on 12 September 2011

A couple who relocated to Auckland following the earthquakes in Christchurch suffered damage to their new home in the tornado at the weekend.

The small tornado began in Te Atatu at about 1pm on Sunday and picked up speed before tearing through part of Avondale, where corrugated iron was pulled from sheds, roof tiles were lifted and fences blown over.

Some power lines were also damaged but no-one was injured in the tornado.

Among the residents affected are Kirstyn and Mark Hackett, who moved from Christchurch this year.

Mrs Hackett says she and her husband feel lucky to have escaped with just a damaged shed and roof.

Avondale resident Paul Norman was at his home in Riversdale Road when the tornado hit and ran outside when he saw a car caught in the wind. He says the people inside were screaming that they were lucky to be alive.

Mr Norman says many people feel blessed that there wasn't greater destruction.