17 Sep 2011

Chimneys to be removed from house fire site

7:31 pm on 17 September 2011

Wellington City Council says contractors will remove chimneys from a burned out house in the central city so the Fire Service can safely establish the cause of the blaze.

The fire in the property on Allenby Terrace on Wednesday afternoon could be seen across the city.

It was occupied by squatters before the fire, but police have confirmed there are no human remains inside.

The council says contractors will be back on Monday and have been careful not to disturb the site so the cause of the fire can be established.

Council spokesperson Richard McLean says samples of asbestos from the property have been tested and experts believe the risk to human health is very low.

Asbestos dust has been cleaned up on Allenby Terrace itself, which has now been reopened.